Business-Management Tools for Small Businesses

Business-Management Tools for Small Businesses

For Small Businesses and Freelancers. Makes it easier to deal with many tasks such as sales, customer relations, invoicing, team projects…

No need to buy a different software for each aspect of your business. From SaaSt you can install an access to as many modules as you wish. You can even keep track of the information flows between each module, just like in an ERPs. All these modules are accessible from the same user interface.

Available modules:

- Expense Report

- Booking

- Customer Support

- Inventory

- Invoicing

- Point of Sale

- Ordering

- Project Management

- Recruiting

- Time tracking

- Sales

For Small Business Owners, being able to access company data from anywhere can be critical. SaaSt is a web application accessible from any internet access point. You can even use SaaSt when there is no internet connection.

If you need to access SaaSt from your smartphone or tablet, you will see a version of the application especially optimized for this type of devices.

SaaSt accounts can be shared between multiple users and modified in real time, which is really useful for team projects.

SaaSt has also been designed to complement Google tools, not to duplicate them! That’s why your Google Contacts are automatically synchronized with SaaSt, just like your documents templates can be downloaded from Google Drive. To send invoices you can of course use Gmail.

Small Businesses who rely on Paypal to get paid by their customers can integrate it within SaaSt to create invoices with a payment link.

Although many templates are provided in SaaSt, we know every business is different. In order to stay competitive, it is important to adapt business management tools to company processes (and not the other way around!) SaaSt has been designed from the beginning to take into account this fact, offering lots of customization while staying as easy to use as possible.


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